Behind every success story, there lies a dream and plenty of passion. Kiki, the founder of ikki, established the brand in 2007.

One day after work, she went to the beach to relax. When she arrived home later that evening, she realised she had left her glasses on the beach. Kiki went in search of a new pair of sunglasses and soon realised that many sunglasses look the same and are far too expensive.

The idea of ikki was born.

After working in the fashion industry for years, it was now time to establish her own brand. The first ikki collection consisted of unique glasses, hand crafted from acetate and with high quality lenses, but for a reasonable price.

Two years later, ikki introduced its first watch collection with the same concept. High quality designer watches for a reasonable price.

Now, over a decade later, ikki is sold in over 600 stores -– in different countries – and Kiki now designs six collections every year.

Act normal! Feel exceptional.



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